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Hair Density Treatment

Hair Density Treatment

Hair Density Treatment is a solution for both men and women. Scalp Micropigmentation, or simply put “SMP”, is a fairly permanent treatment that creates the appearance of a fuller head of hair. This treatment gives instant results and can last for years.

With SMP, a client gets something that is relatively permanent, looks very natural, blends with existing hair at the scalp level and requires no maintenance. SMP can be used to either darken the scalp at the natural hair parts or can be used to cover entire areas of the scalp. 

There are other solutions to having a fuller head of hair, such as wigs, volume powders or hair transplants, but they have considerable disadvantages to SMP. 

Wearing wigs and hair pieces; there is a huge variety available. They can completely change a person’s look, and the lower-end ones are affordable. However, there are major disadvantages with wigs and hair pieces;  sometimes you may feel uncomfortable because they can either be too bulky or too thin, they can’t get wet,  you need to invest time in preparing and carefully maintaining them throughout the day to match your existing hair or the style you are going for. But most importantly,  wigs and hair pieces are easy to spot and having that feeling of being laughed at, it's a terrible thing for a person's self-esteem.


Volume powders can provide amazing volume and thickness for thinning and fine hair textures, the volume can last all day without having to do touch up, so long as you don’t accidentally touch your head and partially remove powder from an area. Once there is a scratch your head, it can be tricky to cover up and blend that area.  Other disadvantages to this solution is that the powder can increase dryness, making your scalp itchy, increasing the likelihood of you scratching your scalp.  Another problem can arise if you don't wash your scalp at the end of the day, and a buildup of powder, dirt and oils  will begin to form. For those with thin but long hair, the powder will  zap the hair’s natural shine and smoothness. But perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that if a person’s hair is fairly thin, this solution will not work as too little or too much powder will be noticed, and there is no in-between. 


With SMP, there is no maintenance hassle or accidentally rubbing it off if your scalp is touched! 

There are hair transplants as well, which also come with both advantages and disadvantages. Although the individual’s hair follicles are re-used in the procedure, the scalp will remain tender for a very long time, and the transplanted hair follicles may eventually die off if the body is still producing DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) dihydrotestosterone. (DHT) is thought to be the main cause of hair loss. DHT, comes from the hormone testosterone, and DHT is the killer of hair follicles on a scalp. 

Another disadvantage to hair transplants is the density. A surgeon implants much less grafts than natural hair, sometimes as little as 20 to 40 hair grafts per cm2, which does not give the natural average of real hair density, which happens to be around 200 follicles/cm2, depending on several factors. 

With a SMP, thousands of dots are placed directly on the  scalp to serve as an indispensable tool for providing the illusion of the required hair density.  With SMP, I'm placing about 75 to 110 dots of pigment within 1 cm2. To give you an idea of 1 cm2, the face of a nickel is about 2 cm2. 


The density of the SMP does not necessarily match the number of pores that contain the hair, for the average adult, but it's the illusion of having that density that makes this procedure such a beautiful thing.

The biggest disadvantage to having a hair transplantis the price, by far the most expensive type of treatment, a treatment that may not even work.

For an effective and lasting solution to hair loss, some clients have chosen to combine both scalp micropigmentation and a hair transplant.

Although an SMP treatment can be done after a hair transplant, I recommend doing the SMP treatment before the hair transplants , as SMP will give the client instant results and no discomfort after the procedure. With hair transplants, the scalp will be sore for quite some time. However, some clients wish to conceal their procedure afterward, and with the aid of a non-maintenance solution, such as SMP, this can easily be accomplished. 

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